Argentine-American storyteller based in Appalachia



I'm an Argentine-American storyteller living in Appalachia.

In the past decade, I’ve written about American cage fighters, immigrant soccer players, front-line health care workers, and hundreds of international nonprofit and higher education leaders for publications including ESPN, The Knoxville Mercury, Top Drawer Soccer, Latino Outdoors, and the University of Tennessee's Torchbearer Magazine.

When I am not writing, I am either speaking about the craft or coaching writers and teaching people how to tell their stories better.

Before earning a master’s degree in communication and information from the University of Tennessee, I attended William Paterson University, where I completed a bachelor’s degree in Latin American and Latino studies.

By day, I work for the University of Tennessee’s news and information department. I also serve as the chair of the board of directors for Centro Hispano de East Tennessee and chronicler for One Knoxville Sporting Club.

A selection of my recent and favorite published work:

Want to grab a coffee or a beer and talk with me? Email briancanever (at) gmail (dot) com.

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