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Has Anyone Ever Told You

Has Anyone Ever Told You

That you look a lot like the balding man
on the back cover of that book
Lucy posted about
on Twitter.

Uncanny, right?
The resemblance.

How you both wear thin-framed glasses
and are freckled and white;
but, mostly,
it’s the balding and
the glow of your foreheads
which made me think.

You really don’t see it?

Well, I thought of you
after you shared that story
on Instagram about losing your job.

At Marjorie’s last month
you talked about world wars
and Russian literature;
how, in college, you did that thesis
on the Battle of Stalingrad.

Maybe you could be a historian!
Or make an Instagram account for
your vintage books collection.

Well, I know you’re probably busy,
but we should get tacos soon at that place
on Whittle Springs you like,
and I’ll bring a copy of the book.

Mostly, though
I’m just hoping to catch up.