Argentine-American storyteller based in Appalachia

Kiss You Boldly

Kiss You Boldly

My paintbrushes are
harmonies and stanzas
moving gently across blank canvases
dripping words, bright colors,
painting all the ways I kiss you.

On mountaintops,
I push close to feel your warmth
and brush my lips across your quivering nose.
On sunset walks,
I grip your hand and kiss you tenderly,
your skin-soft cheeks cushions for my journeying lips.
As waterfalls crash into rocks below, I hold you;
wrapped together we watch it all—
and I know I could kiss you anywhere, my love.

But, I would rather kiss you as it was the first time:
In a driveway outside your house,
the engine running as I stood outside the car door,
my heart beating in my chest so hard it nearly burst
before you ever made it down the steps,
and I asked nervously,
“May I kiss you now?”

You smiled,
and it only took a second;
I felt your warm lips pressed against mine,
a Cambrian explosion of colors all across the canvas—
red, yellow, blue, purple, green,
all the bright ones,
like you.

I knew then I would always kiss you boldly.

Learn about the approach I took to writing this poem and how you could write love poems like it for the person you love.

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