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My New Observational Storytelling Project

They say a picture's worth a thousands words. I'll take the words.
My New Observational Storytelling Project

I'm writing micro poetry about events from everyday life.

To build the discipline to produce words every day,  I realized I must produce words every day. Which is not an easy task for a longform writer who can take weeks or months to write a story (my recent article on the women of UT's Body Farm, for example, took four weeks from first interview request to publication).

So I recently took one of my favorite attributes of narrative nonfiction writing—observation—and decided to apply it in shortform.

On my Instagram account, @briancaneverwrites (click to follow),  I publish new observations nearly every day about things that happen to me or that I observe in the world. In a way, they're like pictures that I'm choosing to take with my brain instead of my iPhone camera.

A sampling of my poems so far:

If you have an idea, poem, or story you want to write or want me to take a crack at, submit using this nifty form.